Rose Buffet

This is one of my signature pieces, which you will not find anywhere else

MapleArt Rose Collection

Rose Collection Dew Drop

Magnolia Lamp

This lamp provides good lighting which can be directed over the table or to illuminate art on the walls

Forgetmenot Hallway Table

This Hallway Table in Maple and Walnut table merges opposites in harmony as if two parts...

Orchid Table

A unit which looks like a bouquet of flowers for your displays

Golden Iris Coffee Table

The base for these tables is made from book matched, figured, spalted maple

Magnolia Dining Table

Predominantly made from black walnut with maple inlays

Rose Collection dew drops

Lavender Bench

Laminated curved legs and laminated curved sitting area mirror each other

Wisteria Door

A door says a lot about the place you are about to enter

Rose Collection trees