Custom Design Process

Chestnut Desk and Bookshelf

You’re probably here because you can’t find that perfect piece of furniture “off the rack” and you’re considering having a custom piece made. I can create custom furniture for you from any of these starting points.

  • You may be inspired by a piece you’ve seen on my website and want that item or something similar in style, but perhaps with different size or wood.
  • You may have your own design which you would like built for you.
  • You may have a picture of something you found but which is not readily available.

Here’s the process we would follow to create your unique piece of furniture:

  1. First you and I review your request, sketch or drawing together either in person or over the phone.
  2. Then I provide you with a budgetary estimate.
  3. Based on your agreement of this rough cost, I prepare a detailed drawing with a detailed firm quote defining price and delivery. (If your item requires complex installation, such as entire kitchen, an upfront cost is required to prepare this detailed design.)
  4. Once you’ve reviewed and accepted my quote, you make a 50% down payment. The remainder of the payment is payable when I deliver the unit to you (in the Vancouver, BC, Lower Mainland) or have it shipped to you (to more distant locations).
  5. When I’m finishing creating your custom furniture piece, I send you detailed pictures of the finished product.
  6. Then I will organize shipping and crate your piece. Once I have the furniture on the shipping dock of the transportation company and have received your final payment, you pay the transportation company the shipping costs, and the goods will be shipped to your door.
  7. All payments must be made by cheque or money order. I do not accept credit cards.
Bookshelf DrawingDesk Drawing

Thank you, Andres,

You made the whole process very enjoyable for us. Iris and I are convinced that no amount could buy us a better fit between design, artist, and craftsmanship. You put your heart into this project. The table is beautiful, but the thing I still can’t get my excitement over with is how the chairs came out – they are gorgeous.

Ilan Gai, California