Live Edge Boardroom Table

Built from live edge figured maple.

Live Edge Meeting Room Table

Built from live edge, figured maple.

Poinciana Boardroom Table

Two book matched pieces of live edge highly figured maple made, 20 feet long

Robinia Boardroom Table

This table and base lends itself well for a spectacular boardroom table

Laurel Boardroom Table

The two matching curved figured maple slabs render themselves beautifully to create a decorative centre island providing the space to house all the A/V electronics and interconnect boxes.

MapleArt Boardroom Tables

Boardroom Table Forest Scene

Jacaranga Boardroom Table

This unique solid walnut pedestal features cherry wood inlays

Boardroom Tables Forest Path

Araucaria Boardroom Table

This massive “one Tree” live edge boardroom table...

Catalpa Table

Glass top boardroom or dining table

MapleArt – Boardroom Table Testimonial

Boardroom Tables Snow Scene

Blue Maple Table

Cut from a 120 year old Douglas maple, this spectacular table has flame, curly, quilted and spalted figuring...

Boardroom Tables Large Trees