Black Walnut Dining Table

Louisa Tree Dining Table

Eastern Maple Dining Table

With 10 feverfew chairs.

Extension for Round Dining Table

Round Dining Table

Walnut Bridge Table with Credenza

Extends to 8ft (2.5m) dining table.

Hamelia Dining Table

A dining table with windowed areas in the base . This particular table has an inukshuk inlay.

MapleArt Dining Tables

Cedar Boardroom Table

This unusual boardroom table uses a very large cedar top with a black powder coated steel base

Halesia Dining Table

A light, elegant Dining Table frame for a glass or a milled wooden top

Chilopsis Dining Table

This live edge table features an acrylic base

Mallow Dining Table

A dining table with a 10 feet walnut top and a “thinning” profile on the edges

Robinia Dining Table

This very large dining table is made from solid walnut, with a pedestal made from polished stainless steel...

Linden Dining and Coffee Tables

The glass legs are fastened with a unique joinery to give the appearance of floating wood

Dining Table flower scene

Magnolia Dining Table

Predominantly made from black walnut with maple inlays

Paulownia Dining Table

Solid maple slab live edge table with a glass pedestal

Lilac Dining Table

Very large dining table, solid maple top and pedestal

Mimosa Dining Table

Centre glass covers display area and shows intricacies of joinery

Dining Tables – Tree Bark

Jacaranga Dining Table

This unique solid walnut pedestal features cherry wood inlays

Laurel Dining table

The two matching curved figured maple slabs render themselves beautifully

Hazel Dining Set

The dining table and benches are constructed from vertical grain fir

Catalpa Table

Glass top boardroom or dining table